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Again, opening the site on school’s comp.

As usual, one of my classmates can’t login. Unfortunately for him, the teacher decided to give him some punishment; push up.


Again, dunno what should I type….

Hm… What should I type…?

Oh well, at least I’m typing something here!


I think I’ll post another video from Youtube.

Aqua Timez – Toushindai no Love Song


Whoa, I’m typing this at my school’s PC!?

I hope the teacher doesn’t notice me, or else, I’m DEAD!!!


Man, today woke up at 8.45. My aunt didn’t allow me to near the computer today. So I sneaked and she didn’t notice that… yet? Oh well, I think I’ll try to put videos on my posts. It’s kinda boring anyway.

Today I have to go home (I can only access internet from my aunt’s house). Booooriiiiing…… The worst part;

I can only play DoTA there….

No Audition and WordPress….

Tomorrow I gotta go to school…

Now I’m frustrated…

Aqua Timez – Shiori

Aqua Timez – Ketsui no Asa Ni

What Naruto Adv. Bloodline Are You?
created with
You scored as Not A Clan MemberNO CLAN: You don’t have a clan, but who says you need a clan to be a good ninja?!?!! Even though sometimes you’re kind can be annoying, useless, or loud mouthed, you can prove yourself over and over. The people who don’t have a clan include Naruto, Sakura, Rock Lee, Ten Ten, Gaara, Kakashi, and etc. Go You!!

Not A Clan Member
The Unknown Water Clan
The Uchiha Clan
The Kaguya Clan
The Hyuuga Clan



Woke up at eight, when I slept at 1 am.

Gotta go to the stupid school activity, met up with my friends.

Now, I’m sleepy, but I have to go to another lesson, Mandarin language. My WORST subject, and I hate it.



Woke up on ten, took a bath and breakfast afterwards.

Then play DS for half an hour. Currently typing some crap on WordPress and listening to Aqua Timez’s song, Ketsui no Asa Ni.

I AM BORED, and I am too lazy to find something to do.