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YUI – Goodbye to You


Whoops. It seems that there are a few music videos deleted by Youtube. I just noticed that tonight.

Sorry for that, but I’m gonna replace the expired-videos.

Aqua Timez – Chiisana Tenohira


I’m soooooooo bored…!

I don’t have anything to do now!

Arashi – Step and Go (with lyrics and sub)

Stupid Scholarship…

Ch, on Tuesday, my mom suddenly yelled at me and shouted, :”Why didn’t you join the scholarship test today!” or something like that.

I don’t wanna join it, actually. I wanna graduate high school at my current school. I like it there.

‘Sides, if I graduate from my school, I’ll get a book from the school about my schoolmates.

BUT, my mom has other opinions.


Aqua Timez – Hontou wa Ne