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In Beast’s Lair, there’s a few users that translates the game, and one of the translations is really cool!

That’s for the prologue, ‘Ryuudouji Ghost Story’. The others can be found there. Though Fate/Hollow Ataraxia ‘s timeline is kinda screwed…

But still, I like it. ^_^

Edit: Bleh… Mispelled the name. It’s F/HA, not FH/A. TT_TT


Finally… after a hell of final exams, I got my well-deserved holiday. Thankfully, I know for sure that three of my grades is all save, nineties.

Lately, I’m into the game ‘Fate / Hollow Ataraxia’, though, that doesn’t mean that I have the game. I don’t even know where can I download that game! TT_TT

But I do have a basic knowledge about Fate / Stay Night, by Type-Moon, and I only read about F/HA on Wikipedia. Still, I think it’s cool…