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That’s a nice site for downloads. A lot of ARASHI, JYONGRI, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Crystal Kay songs there. And I meant the whole album for the viewer to download. And the vid too!

Though I don’t have any idea how the site works, I definitely can download the things there.


I was wondering whether I should post fics or not. Since… yeah, I write random stories with Microsoft Word and Notepad, but never bother to post it. Just for random fun.

Though, personally, I kinda like doing that.

Sometimes, I write it in an empty book and ended up regreting it. So I prefer using computer. The thing is, writing in a book is easier, but my writing looks like… worms as my mother and sister said. Though my friends didn’t say anything.

I think, for writing fics, better using LJ (livejournal) since other fanfic writers also uses that, but… if I use too many ids, I’m so confused…

Yay for random babbling!

Report Card

Just a few days ago I got my report card… God, I was soooo….. nervous!

But in the end, my scores are pretty nice. No below eighties except Chinese, and I’m ranked 31 in my class, and I’m also ranked 105 in my school (only for eight-graders only).

And I’m in the ninth grade now! Nice!

Ah, if anyone who reads this plays mig33, chat with me sometimes please! My nick there is ‘foxy_galz’. Crappy, but I type that randomly! 😉