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Hm… I found my long-awaited TWEWY album! It’s divided into two parts in

The first part, and the second part.

The first part is almost 100MB! OMG!!! But at least  the second part is only 39MB… Nice.

Woah, double post…

Hm… I’m thinking about making a LJ id… but using the class’ email,

I haven’t asked my classmates, but I think they wouldn’t give a shit about it. Our class will be disbanded next year anyway… So what’s the point?

But… I just wanna make a lj id, but don’t wanna make one with this mail…

So… I’m confused.

Random babbles… again.

Hm… My friend’s blog hasn’t been uploaded for quite a while…

I guess Avie is kinda bored with writing a blog…

Oh man, 17th August’s Indo’s independence day… And I gotta go to school for some STUPID FLAG CEREMONY?!

I barely got any sleep!!!

The stupid thing is on 7.30 am!

Man, that headmistress is so full of crap…

Lately I haven’t searched any good fics… Anyone can give me the links to any good fics they found?

M-rated ones are fine with me, but I tried to avoid them… Especially umbra-elf‘s fic on LJ.

They’re top quality… except for a few spelling errors.. but still good for me.

Well, tomorrow I got a Chinese language test… that is soooo…. friggin’ easy…

Damn… I hate chinese language…

Speaking of which, the olympiade(sp?) opening ceremony on Beijing is soo cool!!!

And I got to see Death Note 3: L Change the World too!

It’s so sad on the end…

I wonder how Maki’s reaction after hearing about L’s death…

Arashi’s song (One Love) that I downloaded earlier this week is so nice… Of course, downloaded from

I feel like squealing all around or what.

Random posts…

Well, after getting the ‘Secret Reports’ for TWEWY, I say, that game is still the best. For now at least.

I mean, who can resist the cool vids and all?

Seriously, Square Enix is the BEST!!!!

By the way, anyone knows where can I download Fate Stay Night for computer? I tried the Insani’s version, but it’s not compatible with my computer. Mirrormoon’s need the original disc, which is not sold in my country.


But at least, I got the translated version for Nintendo DS on! It’s soooooo cool…

But the Heaven’s Feel patch isn’t out yet, so I only played until UBW Route. And honestly, UBW is the best for me.

Also, the DS version makers of DigitalHaze are really good at making them. Using C++ to make that, is quite an incredible feat for me. And there’s no way I can make that, cuz I don’t have any idea on how to use C++ yet.