Random babbles… again.

Hm… My friend’s blog hasn’t been uploaded for quite a while…

I guess Avie is kinda bored with writing a blog…

Oh man, 17th August’s Indo’s independence day… And I gotta go to school for some STUPID FLAG CEREMONY?!

I barely got any sleep!!!

The stupid thing is on 7.30 am!

Man, that headmistress is so full of crap…

Lately I haven’t searched any good fics… Anyone can give me the links to any good fics they found?

M-rated ones are fine with me, but I tried to avoid them… Especially umbra-elf‘s fic on LJ.

They’re top quality… except for a few spelling errors.. but still good for me.

Well, tomorrow I got a Chinese language test… that is soooo…. friggin’ easy…

Damn… I hate chinese language…

Speaking of which, the olympiade(sp?) opening ceremony on Beijing is soo cool!!!

And I got to see Death Note 3: L Change the World too!

It’s so sad on the end…

I wonder how Maki’s reaction after hearing about L’s death…

Arashi’s song (One Love) that I downloaded earlier this week is so nice… Of course, downloaded from coronalsipher.multiply.com

I feel like squealing all around or what.


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