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Tests are NOT great.

For social studies aka nationalities aka studies of hell, probably I’ll get around 40.

Ain’t that good!?

I’m going crazy for a test. Now that’s not new.

Dunno why, but lately I’m being such a crybaby. Frustrated abit and my eyes’re all wet.

I feel like punching myself…

Kaze wo Atsumete – Aqua Timez

That’s all for the album maybe. Haven’t download it yet. Btw, it’s 99mb. BEWARE!

Hehe. I’m getting crazy.


The shinchan teacher isn’t coming today. So maybe the test’ll be postponed to next week.

Opening this on the net cafe, and I’m going to school soon. Bored to hell now.


Boredom is hell.

Next week I might have the nationality test. Shit!

Bad marks…

Like I said on my previous post, my chemistry just sucks. And so, I got bad marks.


Friggin’ 40!

Man, that Shinchan just annoys every student! And most of my classmates, including me are in the second test… this Thursday. I hate him… 😄 like every student in the world will do.

Holiday is da best…

Because of the Muslims’ Idul Fitri (just the opening), the school and most of the places here got a two-day holiday!

The bad thing is, I’m having my chemistry test on wednesday, right after school started! That stupid Shinchan teacher… really sucks having him as the chemistry teacher…