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I’m thinking about writing a short story, that sounds fun, but I don’t know how to. My imagination’s not that great. Unlike Avie’s.

Avie’s fic, ‘Akatsuki vs the RockableGirls‘ is good! She doesn’t put it on though. -_- I’ll love to read it again in my phone, as usual.

I can’t find the correct things to put in fics, but I’m good at random babbles, which I’ve shown at the blog’s name. lol

So…  yeah. Maybe I’ll post a short story. Dunno if it’s in a post or page. ;D


My mom got me to a local bank nearby, and I got my account now. lol!

But, today I was actually planning to buy animes… she said a big NO, capital n and o.

man… Ain’t that bad or what?

And I was sooooooooo excited about it…

I hate liars…

Natsu no Kakera


Currently listening to the song.

The vid’s cool~… so is the song…

Here’s the info on the vid:

English: Over the Summer / Shard of Summer
Romanji: Natsu no Kakera
Kanji: 夏のかけら

new single album.
official release date: 1st Oct. ’08\
*Please leave comment and rate.Thanks*

MP3 Download Link:-…

Sad things…

Just a few hours ago, in my classroom, a few of the students discuss the Biology book.

Strangely enough, they’re using my place, since the one who started the discussion sits on a table beside me.

Seeing them huddled together like that makes me felt left out in the class.

I had a hard time getting used to the new class, even though it’s the third year of me in the class.

I don’t know what to do…

Spywares and Malwares

My computer got a spyware in it. Dunno why.

But I think it’s because I was searching the serial number for Super Jigsaw Puzzle.

I wrote the post halfway yesterday, and now I’m continuing the post on a nearby internet cafe.

Natsu no Kakera Album

Well, the album’s link’s here;

taken from HollowSlayer’s blog again. Haven’t download it, but maybe soon. The broadband is limited to 1gb.

It’s such a shame… I like their songs.

By a recomendation of BL’s member on a thread, I started reading The Dresden Files. The eBooks, actually. It’s kinda interesting. But since I’m still stuck on the first, just ignore me. lol

Any good books to recomend?

Finally, a Nice Saturday Night…

… with a quick internet broadband…

Just a few hours ago, I gotta get a few pics of my face … for my aunt … to be used in an accupuncture thing. If you don’t know, accupunture is simply piercing certain spots on the body with very thin needles. She need a volunteering model to show the spots on the face.

Just that! But boy, my hands are stiff of being raised for long time.

And worse,  just for photo-ing, she told me to wash my hair and dry them with a hairdryer!

That’s something I’d never done. It’s too much of a hassle.

But now, my hair is STRIGHT down. Not messier than earlier, but it’s so troublesome to dry hair with hairdryer…

Any opinions about that?


At last, at LAST!!! My computer’s back to normal! It was on the shop for a while, but finally, the shop owner, a relative of my father finished repairing it.


Now I can browse the net on my house! *OOC-girlish-scream*

I’m very happy about this, so please bear with this post. lol


Just read the Kagetsu Tohya’s translation on BL, I like Akiha’s story — Yoimachi Kanwa, and also Yoiyumetsuki. Red Demon God is cool too, but a little sad.

But Tohno Family Con Game is just hilarious!

Kohaku’s so smart… and Inui’s got a smart streak once in a while!

It’s good to read, but I haven’t played the game… Still dl-ing it with uTorrent. Mendokusei ne?


Right now, my mind is numb.

I got friggin’ 60 on Social studies!!! That’s pretty low according to the rules, but who gives a shit? It’s difficult y’know…

The jacket and pin with the class logo is finished yesterday. It’s good looking, the jacket.

But sometimes, I still feel that my former class is better somehow. Dunno… New friends are nice, but if old best friends forgot you, that’s like a sharp needle piercing you.


01 Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら)
02 Aki ni Naru no ni (秋になるのに)
03 On the Run
04 Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら) [Instrumental Mix]

The info on the single is taken from HollowSlayer’s blog! I’ll post the dl link when I got the time.