Right now, my mind is numb.

I got friggin’ 60 on Social studies!!! That’s pretty low according to the rules, but who gives a shit? It’s difficult y’know…

The jacket and pin with the class logo is finished yesterday. It’s good looking, the jacket.

But sometimes, I still feel that my former class is better somehow. Dunno… New friends are nice, but if old best friends forgot you, that’s like a sharp needle piercing you.


01 Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら)
02 Aki ni Naru no ni (秋になるのに)
03 On the Run
04 Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら) [Instrumental Mix]

The info on the single is taken from HollowSlayer’s blog! I’ll post the dl link when I got the time.



  1. Win4eva Said:

    Keren bgt… Dr mana blajarny?
    Bhs ing-ny kereeeeeeeeeeenn bgt..

  2. ViazZ Said:

    Well, i do think so..
    Even though i have better friends here..
    But i still miss them somehow..
    But when they see me, only few of them who greet me..

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