Sad things…

Just a few hours ago, in my classroom, a few of the students discuss the Biology book.

Strangely enough, they’re using my place, since the one who started the discussion sits on a table beside me.

Seeing them huddled together like that makes me felt left out in the class.

I had a hard time getting used to the new class, even though it’s the third year of me in the class.

I don’t know what to do…



  1. Winnie Said:

    hae feli….
    after i’ve read this post…
    I really want to say really BIG SORRY…
    I’ve made you in an inconvenient place…
    and this post has really opened my eyes.
    I’ve ever hate somebody, and that “somebody” is my friend.
    and I realize that I’m not suppose to do that.
    I guess that you’re right, they’re not the same and they won’t be.

  2. FcS Said:

    Hey, what’s done’s done!
    No hard feelings, kay?

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