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Teacher’s Day

Like the title said. It’s teach’s day, so we got 2 and half hours off! YAY!!! I’m now on the comp. lab, opening some internet here. LOL-LOL!

MB Vol 2

Just downloaded Melty Blood, the manga, Volume 2. Haven’t read it though. I finished the first volume months ago, and suddenly after installing IDM I got the urge to download the second. ^_^;

Anyways, if anyone’s interested, you can find the links on Beast’s Lair -> Walkthrough and Translations -> Melty Blood Chapter 22 Raw (or something like that).

You don’t need an account to download, it’s free.

The problem is, the size is… huge… The first vol is around 30mb, while the second… 48mb. My aunt’s place, where I always download things, use the limit of 1gb, and it’s around 29% free now. I just used 4% for MB, and the others for downloading too.

<lol> I used around 71% for downloading.

That’s pretty big number…

GYAAAAA! If it goes overboard, my aunt’s gonna kill me!!!! </lol>

Anyways, the soap bubble thing I was saying about days ago? They stopped doing that, sadly. I like looking at the soap bubbles. And it reminds me about Aqua Timez’s song, Shabondama Days (Soap-Bubble Days).¬† The translation is available on Hollow Slayer’s blog.

20th Nov…

Earlier today, some girls played soap-bubble. It made me feel so melancholic…

Anyways, on the next tuesday, I got 5/6 free time! YAY!

Sometimes, I just feel like uneeded at school.


Sometimes, I just want to take sharp shards of a glass and stab it into my head or stomach…

Life’s like living hell lately. I won’t bother writing the reasons here.

It’s just… sucks big time, and I feel like the only thing I can do to escape the feeling for a little, is to go to ‘that’ place again.

I really want to go back to 6th grade…


I’m planning to start a personal project. Translating my History notebook into English from Indonesian. But I’m not posting it here anytime soon. Don’t have the time.

I haven’t even¬†started yet! lol


It’s saturday today! YAY! And I got to open the net! YAY again!

The blog’s kinda offline lately…

Anyhow, some one in BL gave me idea about meeting with another member. We live in the same town, but never see each other, face-to-face.

I just don’t have the time… I’m not allowed to go anywhere on Sundays.

Ah, the life of a shackled teen…

(Ah, the drama!) lol

I’d love to meet up with friends. I rarely done that. Just 3 or 4 times in my whole life. Beh.

Saying that made me more bitter and envious to the rest of my classmates…

And my score this time’s not so good too…

What’s up with me lately? =_=