I’m planning to start a personal project. Translating my History notebook into English from Indonesian. But I’m not posting it here anytime soon. Don’t have the time.

I haven’t even started yet! lol


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  1. Via'zZ Said:

    Weird project..

    After i read ur previous post..
    About.. u know.. “biology book” thing..
    U know..
    I sorta feel d same way as u..
    Not everytime, but sometimes..
    So i know it hurts..
    I think,
    i’m gonna change my blog name to…
    “Life Sucks” or..
    Maybe “What is ‘Friendship’ Exactly?”
    Or even “The Real Who Act Like A Fake”..
    (The last is too rude, so i decided not to use it..)

    Please visit my blog n gimme some comment..

    –> Via’zZ

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