Sometimes, I just want to take sharp shards of a glass and stab it into my head or stomach…

Life’s like living hell lately. I won’t bother writing the reasons here.

It’s just… sucks big time, and I feel like the only thing I can do to escape the feeling for a little, is to go to ‘that’ place again.

I really want to go back to 6th grade…



  1. Via'zZ Said:

    Yea, life sucks..
    I don’t think it’s living hell though..
    I think it’s WORSE than the lowest layer of hell..
    More if u live in this ‘worse than hell’ world while ur in love..
    I fall in love AGAIN..
    This time with wrong person..
    He’s my best friend, y’know?
    It’s weird if u fall in love wif ur buddy..
    The one u used to hang around or have a joke with..

  2. feli14 Said:

    Who exactly is the lucky guy to have you? ^^

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