MB Vol 2

Just downloaded Melty Blood, the manga, Volume 2. Haven’t read it though. I finished the first volume months ago, and suddenly after installing IDM I got the urge to download the second. ^_^;

Anyways, if anyone’s interested, you can find the links on Beast’s Lair -> Walkthrough and Translations -> Melty Blood Chapter 22 Raw (or something like that).

You don’t need an account to download, it’s free.

The problem is, the size is… huge… The first vol is around 30mb, while the second… 48mb. My aunt’s place, where I always download things, use the limit of 1gb, and it’s around 29% free now. I just used 4% for MB, and the others for downloading too.

<lol> I used around 71% for downloading.

That’s pretty big number…

GYAAAAA! If it goes overboard, my aunt’s gonna kill me!!!! </lol>

Anyways, the soap bubble thing I was saying about days ago? They stopped doing that, sadly. I like looking at the soap bubbles. And it reminds me about Aqua Timez’s song, Shabondama Days (Soap-Bubble Days).  The translation is available on Hollow Slayer’s blog.


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