Teacher’s Day

Like the title said. It’s teach’s day, so we got 2 and half hours off! YAY!!! I’m now on the comp. lab, opening some internet here. LOL-LOL!



  1. Via'zZ Said:

    Ur in lab, browsing..
    While i’m in Nat’s Boyfriend’s friend’s class..
    (Confused?? :p)
    They play Cai Hong with guitar..
    Dat’s impressive..
    Their plens bring violin 2..
    But they didn’t perform anything on stage..
    So why they bring such a huge instrument??

  2. Via'zZ Said:

    N one more thing..
    Everytime i point on a link at the right, a snap-shot thing will come out..
    Then the screen there will be yellow..
    Dat’z quite annoying..
    Esp wheni i point on mine..
    There’s Blender, Rice-cooker, Tuna, Mixer, blabla etc…
    It makes me look like writing a blog ‘The Art Of Food’!!
    Sorry if some of my words hurt ur feeling..

  3. Feli14 Said:

    It’s one of wordpress’ functional things. It opens automatically. I ain’t controlling that. ^^;

    And one of what you said hurt me. I’m still alive right? lololol

  4. celi Said:

    wiw,,both of u got some activities at that time..
    i just stayed in class with ineke,,jenny n janice..eating !!haha

  5. celi Said:

    that’s snap-shot..if we want to put in our blog site also can..just go to http://www.snap-shot.com if i don’t wrong..because i’ve ever used it..mmm…that like avie said there’s written blender,rice-cooker,tuna some else…that also we can change it become the site’s appearance oo..hehe..

    oo iyh,,i’ve put a chat box in my blogger,,so ..u can write me a comment there..hihi..

  6. celi Said:

    ee..that’s little wrong in the snap shots website..hehe..it’s http://www.snap-shots.com

  7. celi Said:

    haha..wrong again a..this the correct one..www.snap.com

    piix..don’t angry with me yha feli..

  8. feli14 Said:

    *died from spam over load*

    Seriously Sher? Who’d be angry cuz you spam on my blog? (certainly not me!)

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