You always look after me,
Cheer me up when I’m down,
Protecting me when my guards are low,
Holding me when I cried.

No matter how depressed I was,
I will be fine, after you hold me,
I will always be fine, after you whispered soothing words to me,
I will always be fine, after I cried in your embrace.

Do you think that I wouldn’t notice,
that you have been sending concerned glances towards me, always?
Always worry about my whereabouts,
Always concerned about my feelings.

That is what you do,
Every single day,
My thoughts are all about you,
And only you.

You are my source of comfort,
My only source of comfort,
So why can’t I do the same to you?
Why can’t hold you when you are depressed?
Why can’t I gave you the same secure feeling,
anytime I see you?

The answer is simple,
You never look down,
You always look forward,
You always endure hardships with smiling all the way.

You always hide all those emotions behind your mask,
The mask called Happiness,
The mask covers you from the hardships that you endure,
Every single day.

You had done so much for me,
And I have gotten my strength from you,
That is why, there is something I wanted to say,
To you, and only you.

Thank you for always looking after me,
For always cheering me up,
For always protecting me,
And for always holding me.

Somehow I wrote that in a few days… stupid, aren’t I? Maybe I’ll post the other two later…



  1. Via'zZ Said:

    Muak jang..

    BTW where do u get those idea??

  2. Feli14 Said:

    Thought of that myself, since I’m always bored. I’ll post another, maybe. I’ve got 2 other of them.

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