Final tests…

With the incoming final tests, I guess I won’t have much time to update things…

Sometimes, I wonder how I’ll be in the next year, or month. *sighs*

One of my friends who actually read this blog requested me to put another… I guess you can’t say that as a poem… ‘something’, so;

The Constant Thing

Alone, I sat on the park bench
It was night, nobody was here
I looked at the glistening night sky
How many things had changed since that day?
That, I always wondered
Those childish days seems unreachable now

No matter how hard I tried,
I always ended up remembering happy memories,
and the feelings that accompanied those memories
I remember when all of us were together,
we were all best of friends

But now, each of us pursue our own goals
Neither had the time too meet up again
Neither had the time too greet or even call each other again
I looked at one of the small stars
One was twinkling brightly,
like it had all those years ago

The difference is…
The night sky I, we, used to see, seemed more vast now
The stars that used to stick together are all separated
Leaving lonely stars, all by itself

But neither had the time or courage to bother
In the end, the only constant thing in our lives is
the starry sky we always look at
No matter how far we are separated,
the sky always seemed to be connecting us together

And that is fine with me, I tried to convince myself
Even when we were playing freely at those times,
I can never enjoy myself
Because I know that the time wouldn’t last long
Because I know that if I enjoyed too much,
I will crave for it again and again


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  1. Via'zZ Said:

    After i read it i sorta feel.. sorrow..
    *DramaQueen tears*


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