Another some thing I wrote…

Like my previous two post, I wrote something like that again, the title’s probably gonna be ‘Endless Repetition’, but… it’ll seem like separate pieces when you read them…

Personally, though, I like this one better.

Endless Repetition

Clock keep ticking
not stopping nor tiring.
Endlessly ticking in an endless cycle
Second after second
Minute after minute
Hour after hour
An endless repetition,
that is never the same

Time goes by,
people learned it is bad to look back
but they still do
After all,
looking back is the only way
to remember the days
Whether the happy days,
that is filled with innocence laughter
or content smiles.
Or the sad days
that is accompanied by heart-aches,
tears, silent acceptance of things,

Time goes by,
people say ‘Hello’s and ‘Goodbye’s
an endless repetition
‘Hello’ will begin with a smile,
soft or enthusiastic, grim or unhappy
‘Goodbye’ will end with hand waves,
or words, embraces, kisses, silent farewells
sometimes accompanied with tears,
or a hopeful smile to meet again

O…kay, I wrote that on 12am, and there’s probably some mistakes, I don’t bother editing them though… I like them the way it is.

So, whaddaya think?



  1. Via'zZ Said:


    I think ur poetry is getting better n better..

    There’s A chance that your poets MIGHT be famous someday.. πŸ™‚

    Keep up d gud work..

  2. feli14 Said:

    Heehee~ Thanks Avie! Merry christmas and happy new year!

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