Christmas and New Year

Had I mention my mother’s mother (grandmother, genius!) had 5 daughters and a son? Every year, at least one of them’ll come back here. And when they all met, they looked happy.

I’m glad to see that, but I like solitude better, thanks…

Cuz my li’l sis suddenly got addicted to La’Corda d’Oro, the anime, I got myself addicted to instrumental songs… *bangs head to the wall*

My eldest aunt bought alotta kinds of clothings, and that’s one of the worst part. I hate too much kinds of clothes…

Why do I suddenly got the urge to post any kind of images here? Thank god I don’t have a mobile phone with camera…

But honestly, I cameras are a big no-no for me! I always got scolded cuz I put a poker-face on the camera…

So… since I’m bored… (*snorts* when will I be freed from boredom?)

My Own Will

They say;
You gotta do this,
it’ll be good for you,
you gotta do this,
or else you’ll feel later

But on my ears,
they sounded like;
You must do this,
I don’t accept any no-s,
I don’t tolerate any failures,
I expect you to do your best,
Or else, punishments are waiting.

I don’t want to listen,
to either of them.
I just want to close my eyes,
and enjoy the moment of stillness
I just want to close my eyes,
and let darkness overwhelm me

I don’t want to be controlled by them,
like a lifeless puppet.
I want to defy them,
to prove that I still have the upper hand
to prove that I’m in control
of my life


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