Side-effects of KT…

After my aunt and her husband gone home, I feel sad somehow. Caused by too much playing Kagetsu Tohya, no doubt 😛

Man, the game always says something about ‘Time’ and whatnot… But personally , I like the game…

I got Windows Live Messenger few days ago, before new year. And ever since then, I kinda… got addicted to chatting? The ones I’d chatted with are friends from BL, and the other one is a friend I met on

He gave me a translation of FATE/ZERO for GOD’S SAKE!!! NEAR THE END PARTS!!!

And that’s because I gave him the links to F/HA translations by BL’s Arai. The translations are really cool, by the way (Arai’s and his).

I’ll put a new page and post the links there for F/HA translations.


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