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Well, it’s been a long time since the last time I posted here! Just fyi, i failed the Scholarship test… but at least I got in the ‘waiting list’!

Anyways, I don’t have any problems with it… or at least, that’s what I’ve been trying to convince myself… Really! Convincing yourself is HARD as HEEEEELLLL!

Actually, I’d wanted to get it, since i’d probably got a laptop if i’m in… but since i’m NOT in, no laptop for me~

TM helped making 428 , for Nintendo Wii!

I read a little bout it on EvoSpace’s blog,

Lost things…

I lost one of my things… and i liked it a lot… <cries>

Ever since then, I feel ‘unlucky’. And i meant it. Every kinds of bad luck seemed to hit me… >.<

Anyways, i got few tests that ended today, and i hope i’ll get a chance to go online in few days!

New Theme… again… yeah…

I thought the last theme doesn’t fit, and so, I changed the theme AND the name of this blog…

School starts tomorrow, actually. Now is already Sunday, but 01.07 am. Heh.

I got a bit lonely at times… And I don’t like the fact that I’m going to school on Monday.

I hope no one in class knows this…

I like the class actually… The people there are fun and all, and they’re not a problem. I’ll object if you say they are.

But actually, I feel a little left out there. I feel like I am the problem there. They formed groups of five-six-or sevens, and like few, I’m not in any of those groups. Seeing that, made clear that I’m actually uneeded there. I mean… it’s not like I have an important role there. Not At All.

I always wonder, if I leave without telling, will they notice me missing soon?

I still have difficulty joining in with them… And that makes me like the internet more than anything. I have friends on the internet, and that made me feel that I don’t need to mind my life on reality.

But I know that’s wrong…

Really, I think I need some whacking on the head. 😛