New Theme… again… yeah…

I thought the last theme doesn’t fit, and so, I changed the theme AND the name of this blog…

School starts tomorrow, actually. Now is already Sunday, but 01.07 am. Heh.

I got a bit lonely at times… And I don’t like the fact that I’m going to school on Monday.

I hope no one in class knows this…

I like the class actually… The people there are fun and all, and they’re not a problem. I’ll object if you say they are.

But actually, I feel a little left out there. I feel like I am the problem there. They formed groups of five-six-or sevens, and like few, I’m not in any of those groups. Seeing that, made clear that I’m actually uneeded there. I mean… it’s not like I have an important role there. Not At All.

I always wonder, if I leave without telling, will they notice me missing soon?

I still have difficulty joining in with them… And that makes me like the internet more than anything. I have friends on the internet, and that made me feel that I don’t need to mind my life on reality.

But I know that’s wrong…

Really, I think I need some whacking on the head. 😛


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