Wai! Wai!!!

Kay… posting from cyber-cafe near school…

I feel like I have loads to be posted here, but when i opened the site, i came up with nothing… >.<

I finished ‘Grotesque’ by Natsuo Kirino… It was so dark… but interesting too.

Few minutes ago, I saw two of my classmates (male both) ‘flirting’ for fun, nope they’re not gay, but it’s horrifying for me.

One of my quite-close-but-not-that-close friend got a boyfriend, and the guy’s in blacklist… Hell, he’s on the top of my list!

It makes me feel awkward to speak to her, since the guy practically sticks to her like a glue… I hate the guy…

And i’m getting urges to kill someone… I mean… my mom promised that we’ll put an internet broadband at home, but then, the next day she saw my report card and said that she’ll cancel it since it makes me too lazy to study!



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