Being a…

I’m constantly being a failure in everything i’m doing lately…

Just today, I’m on Handcrafts, I broke the mirror I’m supposed to be using… and so I gotta go back there tomorrow. But my handcraft-classmates are ALREADY DONE.

Guess what i did after i broke the mirror?

I cried… not as… ‘wailing, shrieking’ type, but my tears rolled out of my eyes… I dunno how to control these…

Being female simply sucks…



  1. ViazZ Said:


    Wew, awkward greetings..

    Anyway, I’m sorry for the mirror..

    It’s ok to cry sometimes..
    Even though i’m amazingly disturbed by the “Girls Cry” trademark…
    Guess what?
    It’s true..
    LIFE’S SUCKS!@!@!@!@!@!!!!!!!

  2. feli14 Said:

    Not LIFE, ‘Vie. It’s having friggin’ mood-swings and bad-moods that sucks! But… yeah, I guess… that’s true too….

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