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Phase II Finished!

Yeah! The Exam-Season Phase II aka National Exams is DONE! I have the oh-so-dreaded school exam coming in May, and not so happy bout that… Who would be? ^^;

Currently playing Travian. Mine’s on S2. Indonesian. It’s kinda fun~

Recommended Fic for the time;
-Incorporated by Majah
Fandom: CardCaptor Sakura

Interesting one! That one actually got me hooked in my Travian. Since InterVEST and Travian are quite similar… Weird thinking of me, yep.

Anyways, the weather here’s pretty hot. Although it rains a lot, few mins after the rain stops the heat comes back again!

Guess this is it for now?


Oooookaaaay… This is honestly the most confusing day in the week. I got a lab test today, biology-lab. And… i met with an… ex-classmate of mine… which i had… a crush to for a long time…

Seeing him makes me unsure about what i feel about him… I do miss having him as a friend… Since last year, i haven’t talked to him… not a word… He was my first friend, y’know… who’s not my family… So… yeah…

The bad thing is… most ppl teased me for it… quite loud… i think he hears it…

Well. It’s not like he likes me at all. I mean… he got a new girl-friend not long ago! I saw them when I had my finals!

This thing is getting more and more complicated…

Bleach’s 353

Kubo-Tite-sensei is EBIL, I TELL YA!


And I liked they being together too… They’re are so… cuuuute~ Hey, opposites attract!

Oh well… gotta sate my Ulqui-Hime inner-fan with some fanfics…

I recommend reading some of Enchantable’s stories on FF.Net. Her story, ‘Silent Force’ is nice!

And… just FYI, I like Grimm-SoiFong. 😛

I’m a romance-action-angst-drama fan. I accept story suggestions?

And… thinking of… writing fics too… but still dunno where to start… lol
Just a meme…
‘What if Arrancars got reincarnated into living world or SS?’

Itching to write some~ Heeeheee~

Well, since I couldn’t figure out what I should be writing now, I’m gonna ramble~

Btw, the full translated version of Fate/Zero Volume 1 is up on Baka-Tsuki!!! Here’s the Link!

Say thanks to BL members, especially Brynhilde and WingZero for the first book!

Anyways, have I mentioned that I got a haircut, finally? lol. I ended up in a bob-haired style now. Not complaining. The weather’s rather hot nowadays, and short hair is nice to spend the day!

I got a request from a friend to make a sig, and I finished it on the same day. ^^;  Good thing that he said it’s nice!

Will be posting sometime later this month~ Cya!

Pudding of Doom

Just yesterday, I tried making caramel-pudding. I did the caramel first, and when it got frozen in the cups I almost fear for my life… My dad like those cups…

Anyways, I managed to get the frozen caramels out of the cups, but then I find out that it’s supposed to be that way… Holy shit…

Well, still havin’ my finals, but tomorrow’s the last day. Then i still got national exams and school-exams… Friggin exam…

I always have a lot to be said, but I ended up typing some random crap here… Not that I mind~ lol!

Probably posting tomorrow…


Had a lot of fun today! The day starts at 12am (yep, midnight) actually, since I’d been reading a fanfiction, and quite a nice one too.

It had… like MANY, MANY words in a chapter, and guess what, I saved 27 chapters. And it’s still in progress.

The story’s great… about Fem!Ed-Roy, actually (FMA). But not the ‘typical’ gender-bending ones. This one gives the reader an ‘insight’ to the characters’ minds.

The fic’s title is ‘Returning Echoes’ written by silkendreammaid.

The address is:

Highly recommended fic, that one. Hell, the fic made me ‘try’ to appreciate being born as a female! >_<
Which, I rarely did.
*four thumbs up*

Anyways, I had ‘tryouts’ for my physics test on Monday. And I ended up getting a quite-bad score. 80. TT_TT

Then I go to a plaza. Yep. PLAZA. When I got my test on monday and I’m supposed to study.

Me and my li’l sis met up with her friend, female, and ended up playing basketball at an arcade. It was pretty fun, even though mostly I sat and watched them play.

Like what I’d said before, I can’t enjoy things, cuz I feel like I’d be sadder when it passes.

But sitting at the back, becoming a bystander has become a habit for me. And I kinda like that.

It was fun, today. Real fun. I actually feel that. And I found myself being glad for having what I have now.

I wouldn’t say that I like changes, no matter how slight. Feels sad to change.

Icons anyone?

Kay… Even though WP doesn’t have icons, I made some when I’m bored… So why not posting?

… continue reading this entry.

Wiping Tables can be Fun!

Well… not really… But it’s nice to see my classmates wiping their tables!

And it’ll be a nice memory to remember in the future… It’s not like we’re gonna stuck together forever…

It starts when our homeroom teacher says that we gotta clean the class; floor, desks, chairs, everything! Some desks got pen-doodles/writings, some got pencil scratches, or some got permanent markers. Hell, some got all three!

In the end, the class’ leader of the cleanings, Winnie, bought a Thinner. And when the desks are all cleaned to perfection, the thinner starts to STINK. BADLY.

So most of us go outside the class, to get uncontaminated air. 😛

It’s fun, and kinda sad… I took a few pictures of it with a classmate’s camera. Probably post it later?

I’ll definitely miss these moments in class when I finish Jr. High…