Wiping Tables can be Fun!

Well… not really… But it’s nice to see my classmates wiping their tables!

And it’ll be a nice memory to remember in the future… It’s not like we’re gonna stuck together forever…

It starts when our homeroom teacher says that we gotta clean the class; floor, desks, chairs, everything! Some desks got pen-doodles/writings, some got pencil scratches, or some got permanent markers. Hell, some got all three!

In the end, the class’ leader of the cleanings, Winnie, bought a Thinner. And when the desks are all cleaned to perfection, the thinner starts to STINK. BADLY.

So most of us go outside the class, to get uncontaminated air. šŸ˜›

It’s fun, and kinda sad… I took a few pictures of it with a classmate’s camera. Probably post it later?

I’ll definitely miss these moments in class when I finish Jr. High…


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