Had a lot of fun today! The day starts at 12am (yep, midnight) actually, since I’d been reading a fanfiction, and quite a nice one too.

It had… like MANY, MANY words in a chapter, and guess what, I saved 27 chapters. And it’s still in progress.

The story’s great… about Fem!Ed-Roy, actually (FMA). But not the ‘typical’ gender-bending ones. This one gives the reader an ‘insight’ to the characters’ minds.

The fic’s title is ‘Returning Echoes’ written by silkendreammaid.

The address is:

Highly recommended fic, that one. Hell, the fic made me ‘try’ to appreciate being born as a female! >_<
Which, I rarely did.
*four thumbs up*

Anyways, I had ‘tryouts’ for my physics test on Monday. And I ended up getting a quite-bad score. 80. TT_TT

Then I go to a plaza. Yep. PLAZA. When I got my test on monday and I’m supposed to study.

Me and my li’l sis met up with her friend, female, and ended up playing basketball at an arcade. It was pretty fun, even though mostly I sat and watched them play.

Like what I’d said before, I can’t enjoy things, cuz I feel like I’d be sadder when it passes.

But sitting at the back, becoming a bystander has become a habit for me. And I kinda like that.

It was fun, today. Real fun. I actually feel that. And I found myself being glad for having what I have now.

I wouldn’t say that I like changes, no matter how slight. Feels sad to change.



  1. ViazZ Said:

    That’s ok, i’m even worst..
    You went to plaza, I went to BRASTAGI..
    The hell??
    N saturday i also went to Siantar…
    I need to enjoy life sometimes..
    Guess i have to change my “Life is Cruel” quotes..

  2. feli14 Said:

    Wow… That seems nice! And how the heck are you giving me comments when you’re supposed to be studying stupid-Economies, Avie? lol!

    Not that I mind your comments~

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