Oooookaaaay… This is honestly the most confusing day in the week. I got a lab test today, biology-lab. And… i met with an… ex-classmate of mine… which i had… a crush to for a long time…

Seeing him makes me unsure about what i feel about him… I do miss having him as a friend… Since last year, i haven’t talked to him… not a word… He was my first friend, y’know… who’s not my family… So… yeah…

The bad thing is… most ppl teased me for it… quite loud… i think he hears it…

Well. It’s not like he likes me at all. I mean… he got a new girl-friend not long ago! I saw them when I had my finals!

This thing is getting more and more complicated…


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  1. ViazZ Said:

    Sabar fel..

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