Phase II Finished!

Yeah! The Exam-Season Phase II aka National Exams is DONE! I have the oh-so-dreaded school exam coming in May, and not so happy bout that… Who would be? ^^;

Currently playing Travian. Mine’s on S2. Indonesian. It’s kinda fun~

Recommended Fic for the time;
-Incorporated by Majah
Fandom: CardCaptor Sakura

Interesting one! That one actually got me hooked in my Travian. Since InterVEST and Travian are quite similar… Weird thinking of me, yep.

Anyways, the weather here’s pretty hot. Although it rains a lot, few mins after the rain stops the heat comes back again!

Guess this is it for now?


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  1. ViazZ Said:

    (I think i’m having this Hi” syndrome.. :p)

    How’s your travian??
    Ooops, i mean, how r u??

    BTW, i could see you’re getting ‘~’ syndrome..

    I’m also highly infected in :p syndrome..

    Sorry for my babbles..

    Peace ^^V

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