Oookay… Since I’m bored, I decided to post some here. 😛

I joined a C2 on FF.Net! Subscribe the Community if you want to!
The Community is called ‘Love Games’ on Bleach section. It’s a Vizard-centric community.

And the owner of the C2 writes real GOOD fics too! Try Silent Force and the sequel, Arcana! My favorites~

Btw, my mom knows I goes internet using my home’s connection… makes telephone fee few levels expensive… If I uses the internet home for too long, I’m so dead…

(Gah, what happens! Half my post just gone!)


Planning to get a… pet. Since some ppl says i’m way to antisocial, and something to care about would be… helpful for that problem…

I’d probably end up ignoring everyone for my pet. 😛

Honestly, just because I rarely communicate with most ppl including my parents, doesn’t mean I FRIGGIN NEED COMMUNICATION!

I hate being forced to do something. And if you’re gonna force me to do something I don’t want to, better prepare yourself for a lot of swearing for you.

I like listening, but I hate listening too. And I also have my patience-limits. UNFORTUNATELY, most ppl ignore my limits.


Wish I could ignore ppl’s opinions…



  1. ViazZ Said:

    But i think getting a puppy is cute..

  2. ViazZ Said:

    But i think getting a puppy is cute..
    No, not for your communication ‘problem’, but for your pleasure..

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