It’s Over!

F*ck! My third phase of the hellish exams is over! But here I am, feeling sad… I mean… I’ll be seeing the results later next month… After that, Je~LinQuent will be officially disbanded. It’s sad, actually. Being classmates for three years, after getting used to their consistent presence, then they’re going away.

Well, you can’t exactly say ‘away’ but if you’re not in the same class, you can’t interact with ppls the way you used to be.

And, just recently, my mom said that I’m crazy. When she saw me reading a manga with the lights off… but it’s still bright, and I can read properly! So why the hell is SHE calling me crazy!

And when I said , “Yeah, yeah. I’m crazy, so?” she repeated it again! but with ruder words!

I can’t believe her…

My dad’s just as bad. My sis says, she overheard them saying about using computer too much corrupted my mind, or something like that…

So much for hoping they’ll understand me someday… That seems highly impossible.

Anyways, the class is having a BBQ party on the 18th of this month… And just today, we were told to bring our class-jackets, black color. We snapped a few photos, though I was in only two of much more. I don’t like being snapped a photo… Since somebody always scold me for ‘not smiling’ at the camera.

Yep, my mom.

Sometimes, parents can be too demanding…


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  1. ViazZ Said:

    Same prob here..

    Although i’m not really sad, i’ll miss them.. T-T
    But i hope u, my best friends, and all our former primary classmates will be in a same class..

    I ur parents scold u for not smiling at the camera…
    Mine’s becuz of too-much running away from the camera…

    How many times i should tell them that i DON’T like being snapped with boring poses (stand, look at the camera, smileeee) with boring outfits (polo shirt + jeans) with ALMOST every unique background (according 2 my dad, not me)

    Well, i like snapping myself with my phone cam when i’m alone, not with PARENTS..

    Although they’re annoying, and yeah, they can never understand us..
    But i know they love us (although the reality is the almost the opposite)..


    (sorry for the long comment + babbles bonus :p)

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