The BBQ Party

Its good, fun and all the things that I like! But it’s also sad, since I won’t be able to see some of them even after school starts…

Jenny’s moving to KL, Kevin’s moving to Jakarta…

Robert wanted to sleep over, but his parents didn’t allow him to. So he was like… all emo yesterday…

Have I mentioned I didn’t sleep the whole day? I slept as soon as I was home, it was… 10 AM, I think… And woke up at what, 6 PM…

But I enjoyed the BBQ… Even though we probably messed things up in Joshua’s house…

And, I joked a lot with the boys. We got a huge laugh out of the night! And Kevin probably ended up with a few bruises (black-n-blue~) on his arms…

I’ll miss all of them…



  1. ViazZ Said:

    I miss all of u now..

  2. celi Said: could Kevin get bruises on his arms?they hit him?haha..

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