Guilty much…

Two of my three rabbits died from the rain… Because I’m a little too late to get ’em inside…

I feel so fuckin’ guilty now…
And depressed a little…

It was suffering before it dies… and it’s my fault…

I mentioned I never like changes before. And graduating middle school is currently on top of my oh-so-long list.

Man, I feel like shit now…

Mm… Btw, arai from Beast’s Lair finished translating DDD (or is it JtheE?) He uploaded it on Here’s the link.

I’m putting the link of the Translation page too.


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  1. ViazZ Said:

    I’m sorry for them…
    If you really felt guilty bout em, how bout making online memorials for them?
    There’s a lot that’s free..
    But handmade memorial is much… ‘Beautiful’, and has a lot of meaning..
    Decision’s in your hand..

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