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Now I’m halfway official to being a high-schooler!

I heard from a classmate (with a reliable source of information) about my ranks. It improved, but I’d be happy if someone doesn’t mislead me with some information, which is, a mistake.

Expectations always end up hurting. Someone needs to understand that simple fact.

If she didn’t know it’s true or not, she shouldn’t have told me at all. I live better in ignorance of fake rumors.

Anyways, I’ve been writing a story, definitely a long one. With manga-style, means, Japanese school. I like it so far, and I promised Koji-nii I’ll send him the file. 🙂

I won’t be posting it here, I’ll be too embarrassed to do that . lol

I watched Furuba’s anime, but I haven’t read the manga. Seems like a nice read, no?

I haven’t read the novels my friend borrowed me too… -_-

Jenn-nee’s books are going to be published soon! I won’t be buying the localizated version. Nuh-uh. Reading good quality novels in the local languages would suck bad.

I’d prefer printing them. lol

Now, I gotta find myself some information about Kyudo~ Cya!


I finished Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for DS! Just Laharl’s part though. Etna’s real difficult! 😛

The holiday’s not all that boring actually. lol. And as most of you know, KH: 358/2 Days is OUUUUUT in Japanese. *noooooo!* Waiting for the English version to be up soon!

Although, I downloaded the Jap. version already… but haven’t started playing it… 😛

Mm… I say, Pata Hikari’s Defy/Fate’s GREAT! Really! With Sajyou Ayaka as the main character and Servant Saver as her servant!

And the story’s exclusively available on BL. 😛 But you’ll be able to read it still.

And FYI, Celi, it’s not them. It’s ME. *ebil cackle*