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An Update for the story!


Honestly, I’m tired of writing something i’m satisfied with and when I pressed ‘Publish’, it was all deleted!

Maybe I should’ve converted this to LJ…

For the second time, there was a rumor about a bomb in the Elementary section. Uproar, of course. they got a few days holiday, and we got nothing.

WP, don’t you dare delete my posts. Damn you. I was writing it and you threw it away? Heh.

This update on the Reapers is for RoadBuster-nii and Hanako-nii, Shirou-nii and Jenn-nee, for spoiling me as an imouto. Thanks you three, 🙂 . You always make me feel better if I’m not in a good mood!

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I need to mutilate someone in class. Really need to.

He’s just so damn chatty! All too like Alexander.

Anyways, I bought a lot of anime lately. Code Geass R2: Hangyaku no Lelouch, Kaze no Stigma (wanted one for a while), Kurohitsuji, and Soul Eater. Haven’t watched most of em though. But drooling for em.

So, since I gotta go to school, cya.

Sicky… daaamn..

God… I feel real siiick. Fever maybe?

School’s starting well… tomorrow, actually, since it’s midnight now…



Anyways, i talked with a friend bout how boring a reaper’s life is (probably…). After all, boredom’s the worst company. I made my version of it… posting a part o’ it here. btw, she writes her own version too… *headbang*

It’s probably real, real REAL bad, but comments please? i like writing things for fun…

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Bad week?

Well, it’s not me who was having a bad week. I say it’s probably my online-Nii-san.

Since I’ll feel bad from telling the problem online, I won’t tell. 😛

But man! Humans are way beyond understanding! I’m not saying this had anything to do with Nii-san’s problem. Just, human’s problem.

What troubles people the most is probably social life problems.

Gee, I feel this site’s taking a turn to utter randomness… Wonder if it’s a good, or a baaaaad thing to happen…

To Nii-san, if you read this. The only thing I can do now is wishing you good luck. And hope for you to be happy.