An Update for the story!


Honestly, I’m tired of writing something i’m satisfied with and when I pressed ‘Publish’, it was all deleted!

Maybe I should’ve converted this to LJ…

For the second time, there was a rumor about a bomb in the Elementary section. Uproar, of course. they got a few days holiday, and we got nothing.

WP, don’t you dare delete my posts. Damn you. I was writing it and you threw it away? Heh.

This update on the Reapers is for RoadBuster-nii and Hanako-nii, Shirou-nii and Jenn-nee, for spoiling me as an imouto. Thanks you three, 🙂 . You always make me feel better if I’m not in a good mood!

“Hey Riz,” He greeted the sleepy reaper in charge of the Dumpster of the city, whose head was laid flat against the desk. Dumpster, as in a place to dump off spirits they retrieved.

“Mm…” The female reaper looked up groggily. Her long bangs nearly covered her eyes. “You brought dead-guy number 6?” She yawned, and scratched the side of her head

He rolled his eyes, “I wouldn’t be here if I haven’t, Riz. Wake up already.”

Riz blinked a few times, then shook her head, and stood up. “Right, stop choking dead-guy 6 Lexy.”

“I’m tellin’ ya, it’s Alex, Rizzy.”

“And I am telling you, stop choking Sixy there.”

“Got’cha Rizzy.”

Riz gave him a flat stare, then walked to a huge door to the right of her desk. The Door of Judgment, where the sins of the soul are Judged. The place of the Judgment was, of course, Hell. And oddly true to what most living ones knew (most of what they know are a bunch of lies) the one who was in-charge of the Judgment was both sides. Meaning from Up-there and Down-there.

Years ago, the one doing the Judging was someone from down-there, a reaper, one randomly chosen once every fifty years. But since a few reapers were too bored, they didn’t judge correctly. Heck, he heard they ‘accidently’ sent a priest to the deepest pits of down-there! And because of that incident, someone from up-there was sent to Middle-here. And the punishment the reapers in-fault, their years of being a reaper escalated to five-digit.

Alex would kill anyone, even someone from up-there, to escape from that horrible fate, or die trying. But killing would just add loads to his years. That’s just as bad, no, it’s worse.

Riz put her hands on both handles of the large (it was practically twice his height, and he was quite tall) door with oh-so-many creepy decorations. A joke made by some reapers who was already free-of-duty, when reapers were in charge of the Judgment. He hadn’t been a reaper yet at the time, too bad. That would, at least, reduce his boredom.

The door opened slowly and soundlessly, revealing eerie total blackness, and he felt Dead-Guy gulped. Hard. Well, he had stared at it blankly when it had been his turn, and the reaper in charge of the Dumpster at his town just snatched his wrist and threw him inside the door. Probably annoyed at his lack of nervousness.

But the door did gave him the creeps at first. On his first job as a reaper, he got to see the door open wide. And got a glimpse of Hell that was usually covered by the black veil that darkened the Judgment Room. The people there are hard-slavedrivers. Literally, for some of the Golems there.

Ah, those were old memories from nearly seven hundred years ago! He remembered nostalgically. And speaking of which, he felt the sudden urge to throw Dead-Guy now. He smirked inwardly, and shifted his attention to the lightly trembling guy. Good thing he was already holding the guy.

As soon as the door was wide enough for someone to enter, he swung his hand that was holding the guy backwards, and with more force he threw Dead-Guy through the door. Dead-Guy screamed all the way down there.

Alex snickered, and he heard Riz snorted.

“You do know that he’ll probably land on the Cauldron, right?” The female Reaper put her hand on her hips and cocked an eyebrow at him.

“Oh, really?” He said nonchalantly, “I didn’t notice.” Alex walked away from the Door of Judgment as it started to close by itself.

Riz eyed him with flat amusement, “Don’t push the blame on me again. You won’t get out as easy as last time. And you had thrown it to a Golem’s head. This time, you threw a spirit into the Cauldron.

The Cauldron was one of the most ‘popular’ punishment for the ones who entered Hell. Or at least, it had been the most popular one last time when he went there to give the current Judges a warm welcome, literally. Hey, he was bored, and the expression on the oh-so-holy guy was priceless.

The Cauldron was filled with magma, for the sinners to walk on and get their legs burned. The pain wouldn’t kill a spirit of the dead though, in fact, barely anything could kill a spirit. But the pain of having your legs burned to the bones was real. The flames could even scar spirits. And the Golems Down-there were also made by using frozen magma, taken from the Cauldron.

Boy, he better prepare himself for one uber long letter of complaint from Down-there. And hope for no more year additions. He had less than one-thousand years left, and additions on that number would suck. Real suck.

Hopefully, Lucy would be a little more merciful than last time, though he doubt the so-called spawn of Hell would be the slightest bit understanding. Last time some Reaper ‘beg for mercy’, Lucy had given the poor guy a sympathetic look, but tripled his punishment. Other Reapers took this to consideration and had put it on the Reaper’s Guidebook For Newbies.

They wrote the statement in blood (probably taken from Down-there), and the book’s page was black. Some newbies even avoided touching the RGFN and end up regretting it. Of course, it was rare to have an addition on the Grim Family, also known as Reaperhood. And since there wasn’t any new newbie in the last three hundred years, the RGFN was now with the Big Guy of the Reaperhood.

Alex stopped walking and shifted his head a little, his eyes on the nearly shut Doors. Seven hundred years as a Reaper. In those years, he had also brought few people he knew in front of the Door, in his first seventy years. He had been stationed in the town he had lived in. But after a (long) while, he had requested to be moved. The same town gets boring at times.

This city was his 119th area, if he counted correctly. But as for the name of the city, that he always forgot. Either way, this was better than a place that spoke gibberish like few times ago. That town is the weirdest one.

“Don’t space out. You still got twenty more deads to be retrieved, Lexy.” Something hard knocked him off his feet. Hey, he never said his balance was good.

He glared at the female Reaper who was actually newer compared to him. “I still have time Riz. It’s not like I have something to do later.”

“As a matter of fact, you do. The Meeting is fast-forwarded onto later tonight.” Riz replied.

Fuck. He wanted to grab a pillow and drown, sea or lake or kid’s pool, no matter. Just drown. “And, why are you telling me now instead of yesterday or other times?” He glowered.

“I forgot.” Riz said simply, and Alex had to stop himself from facepalming. Riz was the straight-forward kind of person, er, Reaper. But most times, she was the laziest, sleepiest and the most stubborn person Alex knew.

Not like he mind her bluntness or what. He actually felt comfortable with Riz, he didn’t need to worry about her backstabbing him, like some Reapers.

“You better hurry and pick them up.” Riz sat on her desk and slumped. “Call me up when you got all of them.” And she slept. Her head laid on her arms.

He faintly heard a snore from her. And he wanted to bang his head and faint.

I screwed up on Alex actually. He’s supposed to be more bored, and wouldn’t hesitate to be sadistic… But instead of sadistic, he’s mischievous. Not that same… 😥

Oh well… I’ll see what I can do about it…


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