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Tired, again

Sometimes, just being alive is so tiring. It’s probably just my problem though.

Well… looking at the newest class arrangement today, I’d say nothing much had changed. I found myself feeling a little bit guilty since I didn’t feel any remorse for the people who were pulled into the acceleration class.

And one of them was a person who sits beside me and listens to all my rants in class.

I’m a bad person, really. I hate someone who helped me all those times, but I like a person who ignores me and didn’t care if I died or I lived. Damn, I need a life. lol

If you (yeah, YOU who sits beside me in class) reads this, just sorry. It’s the truth. I probably deserve a kick on the stomach for that.

Now that I think of it, I’ve become quite a burden to everyone from the start. To my family cuz I’m not an obedient kid, to my classmates since they may consider me as friends while I just think of them as acquaintances, and to certain people whom I always shoved all my negative emotions to.

Maybe I’m being cynical here… who knows?

And, for a fact, you can’t possibly hate me more than I hate myself. 😀
Really, I’m not being emo… (though my kindergarten pic says otherwise…) lol.