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The Day I never wanted to pass

And it’s not my birthday when I said that. It was Teachers’ Day, 25th November.

We got three periods to do whatever we want, whether it’s watching the student council’s show, staying in class or just walk around. I did all three, lol. It was fun, but as always, I can’t enjoy it too much.

I don’t want anything happy to pass, and that’s why I’m always wanting the day to slow down, just a little…

The most fun part was actually when the class sang together, with a guitar accompanying. I like those kinds of songs, the one that you sing together with friends.
Lol, for short, I like friend-bondings.

It was just more than 24h ago when that happened…
I feel… sad…

In moments, I’m gonna be fifteen…


Been a while since last post, yeah.

Doing fine with the new classmates and seatmate. Though, the class monitor is such a brat… And he sits behind me. Blergh. He could be so noisy at times… But he’s a fun and nice guy.

I’d just took a nice sky pic, two actually, but it’s the same view. Lol. I like how it looks. If anyone wants to see, I wouldn’t mind sharing.

I didn’t bother watching 2012 and New Moon. 😄 Since it doesn’t interest me much obviously, and I read the books thank you. Zombieland’s awesome though. Makes me want some Twinkies xP.

Wonder how I can move this to LJ though. I wanna post icons and fics (maybe) there… Nyaa…

Guess this’ll do for the moment. Cyaaa~
… Did I mention tomorrow’s my birthday? I’m one step closer to the end, yay! XP