Been a while since last post, yeah.

Doing fine with the new classmates and seatmate. Though, the class monitor is such a brat… And he sits behind me. Blergh. He could be so noisy at times… But he’s a fun and nice guy.

I’d just took a nice sky pic, two actually, but it’s the same view. Lol. I like how it looks. If anyone wants to see, I wouldn’t mind sharing.

I didn’t bother watching 2012 and New Moon. 😄 Since it doesn’t interest me much obviously, and I read the books thank you. Zombieland’s awesome though. Makes me want some Twinkies xP.

Wonder how I can move this to LJ though. I wanna post icons and fics (maybe) there… Nyaa…

Guess this’ll do for the moment. Cyaaa~
… Did I mention tomorrow’s my birthday? I’m one step closer to the end, yay! XP


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