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National Exams for Third Years

Been a while since I last posted here! 😀

My sis’s national-exam’s soon, there’s a high chance of her passing the exam so I’m not so worried about that. Five days before their exam was the High-schoolars’ national exam for third years.

For them to prepare for the exam, the school lets them go home early, skipping afternoon classes. But they didn’t actually. Some of them played with small fireworks at school, it’s pretty noisy. But I guess it’s a way to cherish the day. After all, when the exam’s over they’re all gonna go their separate ways. ;_;

I feel sad, seeing that. After all, I got 2 years left before that’ll happen to me. And I haven’t thought of where I’m going to study and what.

Lol, first post in a while and it’s a gloom one.