Another poetry, since I feel like it. And reading a tweet somehow brings my muse back… 😛 Warning, sad end.

Our Ending that Never Was

You pulled me up
Helped me stand on my own two feet
You let me held on as we walked together

All I did was burdening you
With my weight, my liability, and my responsibilities
But never once you complained
With your own smile
You brightened up my world
You told me it’s all right and you don’t mind

There’s no chance for me to lend a hand to you
You were here with me
Yet you seemed so far, out of my reach

You always look forward, but not at me
My heart yearns for you
Not even once I told you

I wish I could keep you here with me
I wish I could make you look at me
But if you did, it wouldn’t be by your own will
And I don’t want that

So I kept silent
And do the only thing I could do
I’ll let you go when you meet the person you need
But until then, can I love you?
Can I keep the memories of you and loving you inside me?

Not that I have someone like that… oh wait. Well, he did helped me… But not that he’d know what…


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