Warning, extreme confusing.

Just a confusing piece that I wrote in minutes when I was really frustrated, confused, upset and in a real loss. No need to take this seriously.

Stood still, pushed around by the crowd
Lost in the sea of faces
Which way would you go?
What path would you choose?

You saw optimistic faces, pleased grins,
disappointed tears, frustrated scowls
Which of them are you having on your face?
Do you even know which face is yours?

Lost in crowd, going along with the flow
Losing your way in the sea of people
Which way did you go?
What path did you choose?

Closing your eyes would not make a difference
You have already lost yourself in the crowd
Failing to reach out to your own reality
They slipped past your fingertips

Which path are you walking on?
Are you imagining that you are walking?
Are you just being pushed along the path?
Are you still the ‘you’ that you want?


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