Hi, I’m Feli14. I’m a 13-yr girl, I live in Indonesia, Medan.

My school’s Sutomo 1. I don’t like the teachers there, especially, ‘Doraemon’, a nickname for the fatass teacher.

Currently, I’m interested with Type-Moon’s creations, ADOBE Photoshop, Kingdom Hearts, Aqua Timez, Bleach, Gakuen Alice, Special A and Naruto.

And, yeah I’m still stuck on Jr High here… That sucks! lol

I like watching Anime, reading manga, playing games, browsing, reading novels, etc~

I hate insects, cocky bastards (tuukang sate AJO! wkkkk), probably myself too sometimes…

Contact me at: felicia_christie14@yahoo.com, or my MSN on feli-c-s@hotmail.com


  1. Hollow Slayer Kurosaki Said:

    heh, your blog theme is rather cute…

  2. feli14 Said:

    Heehee… Thanks! I change my theme often, though.
    Your’s are nice too! Where’d you get the theme anyway?

  3. Devil Hunter Kurosaki Said:

    question! Is ‘vampire knight’ good?

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