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Well, since I couldn’t figure out what I should be writing now, I’m gonna ramble~

Btw, the full translated version of Fate/Zero Volume 1 is up on Baka-Tsuki!!! Here’s the Link!

Say thanks to BL members, especially Brynhilde and WingZero for the first book!

Anyways, have I mentioned that I got a haircut, finally? lol. I ended up in a bob-haired style now. Not complaining. The weather’s rather hot nowadays, and short hair is nice to spend the day!

I got a request from a friend to make a sig, and I finished it on the same day. ^^;  Good thing that he said it’s nice!

Will be posting sometime later this month~ Cya!


Well, it’s been a long time since the last time I posted here! Just fyi, i failed the Scholarship test… but at least I got in the ‘waiting list’!

Anyways, I don’t have any problems with it… or at least, that’s what I’ve been trying to convince myself… Really! Convincing yourself is HARD as HEEEEELLLL!

Actually, I’d wanted to get it, since i’d probably got a laptop if i’m in… but since i’m NOT in, no laptop for me~

TM helped making 428 , for Nintendo Wii!

I read a little bout it on EvoSpace’s blog,

Side-effects of KT…

After my aunt and her husband gone home, I feel sad somehow. Caused by too much playing Kagetsu Tohya, no doubt 😛

Man, the game always says something about ‘Time’ and whatnot… But personally , I like the game…

I got Windows Live Messenger few days ago, before new year. And ever since then, I kinda… got addicted to chatting? The ones I’d chatted with are friends from BL, and the other one is a friend I met on

He gave me a translation of FATE/ZERO for GOD’S SAKE!!! NEAR THE END PARTS!!!

And that’s because I gave him the links to F/HA translations by BL’s Arai. The translations are really cool, by the way (Arai’s and his).

I’ll put a new page and post the links there for F/HA translations.