Bad week?

Well, it’s not me who was having a bad week. I say it’s probably my online-Nii-san.

Since I’ll feel bad from telling the problem online, I won’t tell. 😛

But man! Humans are way beyond understanding! I’m not saying this had anything to do with Nii-san’s problem. Just, human’s problem.

What troubles people the most is probably social life problems.

Gee, I feel this site’s taking a turn to utter randomness… Wonder if it’s a good, or a baaaaad thing to happen…

To Nii-san, if you read this. The only thing I can do now is wishing you good luck. And hope for you to be happy.


Now I’m halfway official to being a high-schooler!

I heard from a classmate (with a reliable source of information) about my ranks. It improved, but I’d be happy if someone doesn’t mislead me with some information, which is, a mistake.

Expectations always end up hurting. Someone needs to understand that simple fact.

If she didn’t know it’s true or not, she shouldn’t have told me at all. I live better in ignorance of fake rumors.

Anyways, I’ve been writing a story, definitely a long one. With manga-style, means, Japanese school. I like it so far, and I promised Koji-nii I’ll send him the file. 🙂

I won’t be posting it here, I’ll be too embarrassed to do that . lol

I watched Furuba’s anime, but I haven’t read the manga. Seems like a nice read, no?

I haven’t read the novels my friend borrowed me too… -_-

Jenn-nee’s books are going to be published soon! I won’t be buying the localizated version. Nuh-uh. Reading good quality novels in the local languages would suck bad.

I’d prefer printing them. lol

Now, I gotta find myself some information about Kyudo~ Cya!


I finished Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for DS! Just Laharl’s part though. Etna’s real difficult! 😛

The holiday’s not all that boring actually. lol. And as most of you know, KH: 358/2 Days is OUUUUUT in Japanese. *noooooo!* Waiting for the English version to be up soon!

Although, I downloaded the Jap. version already… but haven’t started playing it… 😛

Mm… I say, Pata Hikari’s Defy/Fate’s GREAT! Really! With Sajyou Ayaka as the main character and Servant Saver as her servant!

And the story’s exclusively available on BL. 😛 But you’ll be able to read it still.

And FYI, Celi, it’s not them. It’s ME. *ebil cackle*

Guilty much…

Two of my three rabbits died from the rain… Because I’m a little too late to get ’em inside…

I feel so fuckin’ guilty now…
And depressed a little…

It was suffering before it dies… and it’s my fault…

I mentioned I never like changes before. And graduating middle school is currently on top of my oh-so-long list.

Man, I feel like shit now…

Mm… Btw, arai from Beast’s Lair finished translating DDD (or is it JtheE?) He uploaded it on Here’s the link.

I’m putting the link of the Translation page too.

The BBQ Party

Its good, fun and all the things that I like! But it’s also sad, since I won’t be able to see some of them even after school starts…

Jenny’s moving to KL, Kevin’s moving to Jakarta…

Robert wanted to sleep over, but his parents didn’t allow him to. So he was like… all emo yesterday…

Have I mentioned I didn’t sleep the whole day? I slept as soon as I was home, it was… 10 AM, I think… And woke up at what, 6 PM…

But I enjoyed the BBQ… Even though we probably messed things up in Joshua’s house…

And, I joked a lot with the boys. We got a huge laugh out of the night! And Kevin probably ended up with a few bruises (black-n-blue~) on his arms…

I’ll miss all of them…

It’s Over!

F*ck! My third phase of the hellish exams is over! But here I am, feeling sad… I mean… I’ll be seeing the results later next month… After that, Je~LinQuent will be officially disbanded. It’s sad, actually. Being classmates for three years, after getting used to their consistent presence, then they’re going away.

Well, you can’t exactly say ‘away’ but if you’re not in the same class, you can’t interact with ppls the way you used to be.

And, just recently, my mom said that I’m crazy. When she saw me reading a manga with the lights off… but it’s still bright, and I can read properly! So why the hell is SHE calling me crazy!

And when I said , “Yeah, yeah. I’m crazy, so?” she repeated it again! but with ruder words!

I can’t believe her…

My dad’s just as bad. My sis says, she overheard them saying about using computer too much corrupted my mind, or something like that…

So much for hoping they’ll understand me someday… That seems highly impossible.

Anyways, the class is having a BBQ party on the 18th of this month… And just today, we were told to bring our class-jackets, black color. We snapped a few photos, though I was in only two of much more. I don’t like being snapped a photo… Since somebody always scold me for ‘not smiling’ at the camera.

Yep, my mom.

Sometimes, parents can be too demanding…


Oookay… Since I’m bored, I decided to post some here. 😛

I joined a C2 on FF.Net! Subscribe the Community if you want to!
The Community is called ‘Love Games’ on Bleach section. It’s a Vizard-centric community.

And the owner of the C2 writes real GOOD fics too! Try Silent Force and the sequel, Arcana! My favorites~

Btw, my mom knows I goes internet using my home’s connection… makes telephone fee few levels expensive… If I uses the internet home for too long, I’m so dead…

(Gah, what happens! Half my post just gone!)


Planning to get a… pet. Since some ppl says i’m way to antisocial, and something to care about would be… helpful for that problem…

I’d probably end up ignoring everyone for my pet. 😛

Honestly, just because I rarely communicate with most ppl including my parents, doesn’t mean I FRIGGIN NEED COMMUNICATION!

I hate being forced to do something. And if you’re gonna force me to do something I don’t want to, better prepare yourself for a lot of swearing for you.

I like listening, but I hate listening too. And I also have my patience-limits. UNFORTUNATELY, most ppl ignore my limits.


Wish I could ignore ppl’s opinions…

Phase II Finished!

Yeah! The Exam-Season Phase II aka National Exams is DONE! I have the oh-so-dreaded school exam coming in May, and not so happy bout that… Who would be? ^^;

Currently playing Travian. Mine’s on S2. Indonesian. It’s kinda fun~

Recommended Fic for the time;
-Incorporated by Majah
Fandom: CardCaptor Sakura

Interesting one! That one actually got me hooked in my Travian. Since InterVEST and Travian are quite similar… Weird thinking of me, yep.

Anyways, the weather here’s pretty hot. Although it rains a lot, few mins after the rain stops the heat comes back again!

Guess this is it for now?


Oooookaaaay… This is honestly the most confusing day in the week. I got a lab test today, biology-lab. And… i met with an… ex-classmate of mine… which i had… a crush to for a long time…

Seeing him makes me unsure about what i feel about him… I do miss having him as a friend… Since last year, i haven’t talked to him… not a word… He was my first friend, y’know… who’s not my family… So… yeah…

The bad thing is… most ppl teased me for it… quite loud… i think he hears it…

Well. It’s not like he likes me at all. I mean… he got a new girl-friend not long ago! I saw them when I had my finals!

This thing is getting more and more complicated…

Bleach’s 353

Kubo-Tite-sensei is EBIL, I TELL YA!


And I liked they being together too… They’re are so… cuuuute~ Hey, opposites attract!

Oh well… gotta sate my Ulqui-Hime inner-fan with some fanfics…

I recommend reading some of Enchantable’s stories on FF.Net. Her story, ‘Silent Force’ is nice!

And… just FYI, I like Grimm-SoiFong. 😛

I’m a romance-action-angst-drama fan. I accept story suggestions?

And… thinking of… writing fics too… but still dunno where to start… lol
Just a meme…
‘What if Arrancars got reincarnated into living world or SS?’

Itching to write some~ Heeeheee~

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