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Well, after getting the ‘Secret Reports’ for TWEWY, I say, that game is still the best. For now at least.

I mean, who can resist the cool vids and all?

Seriously, Square Enix is the BEST!!!!

By the way, anyone knows where can I download Fate Stay Night for computer? I tried the Insani’s version, but it’s not compatible with my computer. Mirrormoon’s need the original disc, which is not sold in my country.


But at least, I got the translated version for Nintendo DS on! It’s soooooo cool…

But the Heaven’s Feel patch isn’t out yet, so I only played until UBW Route. And honestly, UBW is the best for me.

Also, the DS version makers of DigitalHaze are really good at making them. Using C++ to make that, is quite an incredible feat for me. And there’s no way I can make that, cuz I don’t have any idea on how to use C++ yet.