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Natsu no Kakera Album

Well, the album’s link’s here;

taken from HollowSlayer’s blog again. Haven’t download it, but maybe soon. The broadband is limited to 1gb.

It’s such a shame… I like their songs.

By a recomendation of BL’s member on a thread, I started reading The Dresden Files. The eBooks, actually. It’s kinda interesting. But since I’m still stuck on the first, just ignore me. lol

Any good books to recomend?


Right now, my mind is numb.

I got friggin’ 60 on Social studies!!! That’s pretty low according to the rules, but who gives a shit? It’s difficult y’know…

The jacket and pin with the class logo is finished yesterday. It’s good looking, the jacket.

But sometimes, I still feel that my former class is better somehow. Dunno… New friends are nice, but if old best friends forgot you, that’s like a sharp needle piercing you.


01 Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら)
02 Aki ni Naru no ni (秋になるのに)
03 On the Run
04 Natsu no Kakera (夏のかけら) [Instrumental Mix]

The info on the single is taken from HollowSlayer’s blog! I’ll post the dl link when I got the time.