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Natsu no Kakera


Currently listening to the song.

The vid’s cool~… so is the song…

Here’s the info on the vid:

English: Over the Summer / Shard of Summer
Romanji: Natsu no Kakera
Kanji: 夏のかけら

new single album.
official release date: 1st Oct. ’08\
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MP3 Download Link:-…

Natsu no Kakera Album

Well, the album’s link’s here;

taken from HollowSlayer’s blog again. Haven’t download it, but maybe soon. The broadband is limited to 1gb.

It’s such a shame… I like their songs.

By a recomendation of BL’s member on a thread, I started reading The Dresden Files. The eBooks, actually. It’s kinda interesting. But since I’m still stuck on the first, just ignore me. lol

Any good books to recomend?