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Warning, extreme confusing.

Just a confusing piece that I wrote in minutes when I was really frustrated, confused, upset and in a real loss. No need to take this seriously.

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Another poetry, since I feel like it. And reading a tweet somehow brings my muse back… 😛 Warning, sad end.

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Christmas and New Year

Had I mention my mother’s mother (grandmother, genius!) had 5 daughters and a son? Every year, at least one of them’ll come back here. And when they all met, they looked happy.

I’m glad to see that, but I like solitude better, thanks…

Cuz my li’l sis suddenly got addicted to La’Corda d’Oro, the anime, I got myself addicted to instrumental songs… *bangs head to the wall*

My eldest aunt bought alotta kinds of clothings, and that’s one of the worst part. I hate too much kinds of clothes…

Why do I suddenly got the urge to post any kind of images here? Thank god I don’t have a mobile phone with camera…

But honestly, I cameras are a big no-no for me! I always got scolded cuz I put a poker-face on the camera…

So… since I’m bored… (*snorts* when will I be freed from boredom?)

My Own Will

They say;
You gotta do this,
it’ll be good for you,
you gotta do this,
or else you’ll feel later

But on my ears,
they sounded like;
You must do this,
I don’t accept any no-s,
I don’t tolerate any failures,
I expect you to do your best,
Or else, punishments are waiting.

I don’t want to listen,
to either of them.
I just want to close my eyes,
and enjoy the moment of stillness
I just want to close my eyes,
and let darkness overwhelm me

I don’t want to be controlled by them,
like a lifeless puppet.
I want to defy them,
to prove that I still have the upper hand
to prove that I’m in control
of my life

Another some thing I wrote…

Like my previous two post, I wrote something like that again, the title’s probably gonna be ‘Endless Repetition’, but… it’ll seem like separate pieces when you read them…

Personally, though, I like this one better.

Endless Repetition

Clock keep ticking
not stopping nor tiring.
Endlessly ticking in an endless cycle
Second after second
Minute after minute
Hour after hour
An endless repetition,
that is never the same

Time goes by,
people learned it is bad to look back
but they still do
After all,
looking back is the only way
to remember the days
Whether the happy days,
that is filled with innocence laughter
or content smiles.
Or the sad days
that is accompanied by heart-aches,
tears, silent acceptance of things,

Time goes by,
people say ‘Hello’s and ‘Goodbye’s
an endless repetition
‘Hello’ will begin with a smile,
soft or enthusiastic, grim or unhappy
‘Goodbye’ will end with hand waves,
or words, embraces, kisses, silent farewells
sometimes accompanied with tears,
or a hopeful smile to meet again

O…kay, I wrote that on 12am, and there’s probably some mistakes, I don’t bother editing them though… I like them the way it is.

So, whaddaya think?

Final tests…

With the incoming final tests, I guess I won’t have much time to update things…

Sometimes, I wonder how I’ll be in the next year, or month. *sighs*

One of my friends who actually read this blog requested me to put another… I guess you can’t say that as a poem… ‘something’, so;

The Constant Thing

Alone, I sat on the park bench
It was night, nobody was here
I looked at the glistening night sky
How many things had changed since that day?
That, I always wondered
Those childish days seems unreachable now

No matter how hard I tried,
I always ended up remembering happy memories,
and the feelings that accompanied those memories
I remember when all of us were together,
we were all best of friends

But now, each of us pursue our own goals
Neither had the time too meet up again
Neither had the time too greet or even call each other again
I looked at one of the small stars
One was twinkling brightly,
like it had all those years ago

The difference is…
The night sky I, we, used to see, seemed more vast now
The stars that used to stick together are all separated
Leaving lonely stars, all by itself

But neither had the time or courage to bother
In the end, the only constant thing in our lives is
the starry sky we always look at
No matter how far we are separated,
the sky always seemed to be connecting us together

And that is fine with me, I tried to convince myself
Even when we were playing freely at those times,
I can never enjoy myself
Because I know that the time wouldn’t last long
Because I know that if I enjoyed too much,
I will crave for it again and again


You always look after me,
Cheer me up when I’m down,
Protecting me when my guards are low,
Holding me when I cried.

No matter how depressed I was,
I will be fine, after you hold me,
I will always be fine, after you whispered soothing words to me,
I will always be fine, after I cried in your embrace.

Do you think that I wouldn’t notice,
that you have been sending concerned glances towards me, always?
Always worry about my whereabouts,
Always concerned about my feelings.

That is what you do,
Every single day,
My thoughts are all about you,
And only you.

You are my source of comfort,
My only source of comfort,
So why can’t I do the same to you?
Why can’t hold you when you are depressed?
Why can’t I gave you the same secure feeling,
anytime I see you?

The answer is simple,
You never look down,
You always look forward,
You always endure hardships with smiling all the way.

You always hide all those emotions behind your mask,
The mask called Happiness,
The mask covers you from the hardships that you endure,
Every single day.

You had done so much for me,
And I have gotten my strength from you,
That is why, there is something I wanted to say,
To you, and only you.

Thank you for always looking after me,
For always cheering me up,
For always protecting me,
And for always holding me.

Somehow I wrote that in a few days… stupid, aren’t I? Maybe I’ll post the other two later…