TYPE-MOON’s Translations

Kagetsu Tohya:

Daybreak ‘(Dawn’ on the game), translated by Toranth
It’s about the girl Nrvnqsr killed at the park on Tsukihime. Sad one.

Yoiyumetsuki, translated by Toranth
It’s a nice story where Shiki and the real Tohno Shiki gets to talk together about their childhood and stuff.

Tohno Family Con Game, translated by Toranth
The Aproned Devil (aka Kohaku) in action!

Red Demon God, translated by EvoSpace
A story about the Nanayas and Shiki’s Father, Nanaya Kiri


Translation is available on! The exact position is HERE! And the pdf version is downloadable on BakaTsuki too, IIRC.

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia: -all on BL-

Hollow: Prologue – Ryuudouji ghost story, translated by arai

1. Hollow I: Heaven’s Feel Backnight 1 , translated by arai

2. Hollow II: Reunion , translated by arai

3. Hollow III: Heaven’s Feel Backnight 2, translated by arai

4. Hollow IV: Kotomine and his amazing friends, translated by arai

5. Hollow V: Heaven’s Feel Backnight 3 , translated by arai

6. Hollow VI: Dead Bridge, translated by arai

7. Hollow VII: Patrol and Encounter, translated by arai

8. Hollow VIII: VS, translated by arai

9. Angra Mainyu – Servant Avenger –  , translated by arai

10. Ath nGabla , translated by Brynhilde

Kara no Kyoukai (Rakkyo, for short)

Mirai Fukuin/Mirai Fukuen, by CanonRap

DDD (Decoration Disorder Disconnection)

J the E, translated by arai*

*( needs you to be a member to download… or you could just use open-id like me… :P)

That’s all for now! I MIGHT put some of the Kingdom Hearts I found out there, to here! YAY! But like I say, MIGHT! Heehee~

Wow… Arai translated a loooooot of TM important works… *drool*


01 February ’09, 2.15 am, added Kara no Kyoukai, Mirai Fukuen.

23 May ’09, 21.25 pm, added number 9 and 10 for Fate/Hollow Ataraxia. And translator’s names on F/HA category.

30 May’ 09, 18.40 pm, added DDD category and J the E

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